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Friday, August 31, 2007

Coming Back in September 2007

Returning in September 2007, with new music and stuff.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

On Hiatus!

Any downloads are at your own risk, some of the files may have been deleted or the passwords may not work anymore.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sister Act - My God

Taken from the motion picture Sister Act and performed by Whoopi Goldberg. Originally known as My Guy, and perfomed by Mary Wells. Music and Lyrics by William "Smokey" Robinson of The Miracles.

Nothing you could say
Could tear me away
From my God (my God)
Nothing you could do
'Cause I'm stuck like glue
To my God (my God, my God)
I'm stickin' to my God like a stamp to a letter
Like birds of a feather, we stick together
I'm tellin' you from the start
I can't be torn apart
From my God


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

For unto you is born this day,
In the City of David,
a Savior, which is
Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Wallpapers

Visit this site http://www.vladstudio.com/christmaswallpapers/ and download some very beautiful Christmas themed wallpapers.

This is a sample of the wallpapers that are available on the website.

Try google search or google image search for more Christmas wallpaper

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Inspiring Quotes

To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. --Eckhart Tolle

And we are put on Earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love. --William Blake

The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not. --The Upanishads

Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely. --The Land Before Time

Serenity isn't freedom from the storm, but peace within the storm. --Unknown

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha

Get more inspiration quotes.

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Do Some Christmas Shopping UK

Or purchase from the site below and donate to an organisation whom creates websites for charities and non profit organisations.

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Silent Night

"Silent Night" was originally a poem written in 1816 (in German) by Joseph Mohr, a young priest in Mariapfarr, Austria.

Two years later on Christmas Eve he journeyed to the home of his friend musician and schoolteacher Franz Gruber. He showed his poem to Gruber and asked him to create a melody with simple guitar accompaniment, so that it might be sung at midnight mass that evening.

And so it was: "Stille Nach, Heilige Nacht" was first heard in that year, in a little country town in Austria.

Karl Mauracher, a master organ builder from the Ziller Valley, heard Silent Night when he visited to work on the church organ. He obtained a copy a few years later and spread it in the various locations where he worked his trade.

The beautiful but simple carol, now deeply beloved world-wide, began its journey around the world, known first by the name "A Tyrolean Folk Song."

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Glow with Beauty This Holiday Season

This site is all about Gospel Music, but I never said I wouldn't stray from time to time. And besides, I am sure that you appreciate something other than music. At first we started out with gospel music but have branched out into music which refers to the gospel and Christianity. Everyone, at Christmas, deserves to have a relaxing stress-free day. So here is some advice for pampering yourself this Christmas. You never know, pampering yourself could relieve you of stress.

With the crazed hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many little things may get pushed aside. Taking some special time and solace for ourselves is often the last thing on our minds, and our favorite TV shows and moments of relaxation often fall to the wayside. Even if only for half an hour, be sure to plan a special treat for yourself. Do something for you at least once a week, to save your sanity if nothing else!

Take a hot bubble bath, heavy on the suds.
You’ve been on your feet all day long – from holiday shopping to cooking dinner for the family, to wrapping and hiding presents and the never-ending cleaning list of laundry, dishes and more. Needless to say, you need a break in a big way.

Grab your favorite book, a glass of ice water, cup of tea or a soft drink and transform your everyday bathroom into your own personal spa and secluded haven. Turn on some soft music if you wish and don’t forget to light a few scented candles. Relax for as long as you like, letting the sudsy bathwater wash your cares away.

Treat your feet to a perfect pedicure!
Make an appointment at your favorite salon or purchase some supplies and do it yourself. Select a pretty color of nail polish and give your feet the delightful makeover they deserve! If you opt for the latter, be sure to have a soft fluffy towel and a nice pair of comfy slippers set aside for your beautiful feet!

Relax as you enjoy a facial.
Here you also have the choice of an at-home facial or a professional salon treatment. Should you choose to do your own facial, don’t forget some relaxing music, cucumber slices for your eyes and a soft towel to dry off your face. Follow the normal routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. After you exfoliate, you can choose between an astringent, toner or a facial mud masque. For your at home facial, the mud masque can be especially soothing and beneficial for zapping excess oil, blackheads and other impurities. Once done, your face will feel soft and silky smooth!

Get your nails done, or do them yourself.
Sometimes something as basic as painting your nails or having them professionally done can be a real pick-me-up. Around the holidays, we get so bogged down with things to do like mailing Christmas cards, making cookies, buying, wrapping and hiding presents, cleaning the house, cooking family meals and more – that we rarely get to do nice things for ourselves. Set aside a little bit of time for yourself and paint your nails or schedule a manicure. You will feel great every time you look at them for the rest of the holiday season!

Try out a new haircut or hairstyle!
Be bold, be daring or be creative. Get a new hairstyle to give you a boost when you need it most. Getting wrapped up in the holiday hustle is something that happens to most of us. Knowing when to step back and do something to break up the monotony is important, especially if we begin to tire of our daily routines. Sometimes dressing up, fixing our hair and applying makeup require more time, thought and energy than we are willing to expend. When you start to feel as if you are at the point of not caring, consider getting a new hair-do or experimenting with hair accessories and new styles. It might be just the pick-me-up you need to revitalize your energy and your attitude!

image of man cutting womens hairimage of man cutting womens hair

You can do many things to reduce your stress levels, relax and replenish your energy. Instead of hiding in your bedroom with a bottle of wine and box of chocolates, do something that treats your body as well as it treats your soul!

Oh and remember these tips can be used for men as well. So if you feel that you need to pamper yourself. Then go right ahead.

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland was written by Felix Bernard and Dick Smith in 1934, but not recorded until 1946 - on RCA's Musical Smart Set "Perry Como Sings Merry Christmas Music".

The first take in the studio was the one released. For the first three years Winter Wonderland was only available at 78 RPM, eventually being released on a 45 and then, in 1957, on a 33 RPM format record.

Winter Wonderland was almost immediately identified with Christmas, when in fact there's no mention of Christmas in the lyric at all - it's a song about falling in love in the winter.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Stories

Little Match Seller was written by Hans Christian Anderson and read by Chuck Brown.
Download (6 mins. 18 secs.)

Chuck Brown reads Luke chapter 2 vs. 1-20 (King James Version)
Download (2 mins. 42 secs.)

Chuck Brown reads Luke chapter 2 vs. 1-20 (World English Version)
Download (2 mins. 26 secs.)

Twas the Night Before Christmas was written by Clement Clark Moore and read by Chuck Brown
Download (3 mins. 54 secs.)

If these links do not work please use this link and download each file individually.

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White Christmas

White Christmas was written in 1937 by the great songwriter Irving Berlin, and achieved fame when it was performed by Bing Crosby in the 1942 movie, "Holiday Inn".

For many people, White Christmas evokes a wistful sense of nostalgia (as it did in the movie), family warmth and all the good memories associated with the holiday season.

The irony here is that the original version of White Christmas was, well, ironical. Before Berlin suppressed the opening verse, the song opened with a tongue in cheek lyric about celebrating Christmas on a 80 degree day at a chlorinated Los Angeles swimming pool!

But the movie placed the context for the song at a snowbound resort, and, quite wisely, the original verse was dropped. The song is just too good as it stands to burden it with irony.

White Christmas became the 'official' theme song of homesick World War II soldiers, and the rest is popular history. The song is now deeply embedded in our group consciousness.

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Top 10 Christmas Songs.

01. Sleigh Ride
02. Last Christmas
03. Santa Baby
04. Frosty The Snow Man
05. When A Child Is Born
06. I Wish It Could be Christmas
07. The Twelve Days of Christmas
08. Winter Wonderland
09. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
10. Let It Snow

Get free Christmas music from Free Christmas MP3. I will be adding 4 Christmas stories in a few hours as well as some more Christmas music and activities for the kids.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spice Girls - Sleigh Ride

Spice Girls recorded a sleigh variation to the original Sleigh Ride, which features a lot of chatter throughout the song. It was rumoured that this is a re-recording. I seriously doubt it.


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Madonna - Santa Baby

Well, what can I say. We all know Santa Baby. So, what do you think of this version.


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Christina Aguilera - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Christina Aguilera performs a beautiful rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. View the lyrics.


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